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The Definite Moment of Jason Childs

Feb 10 - 2018 |

Amnaya Resort Kuta has the good fortune to collaborate with the very best artists and this is visible in the overall look of the property. Designed exclusively by Grounds Kent Architects (GKA) and the landscape was work of late Made Wijaya, each room has beautiful photography of surfing over Kuta Beach’ waves.

Jason Childs was responsible for the surfing photos on the wall of Amnaya bedrooms; three selected Jason’s surfing photos are decorated all rooms, suites and corridors at Amnaya Resort Kuta. At Amnaya Resort Kuta, his signature touches are evident that his photography blends with the architecture design and landscape, and the most important thing, the soul of Kuta ambience itself; become a unique edge. The natural beauty of beach, energy and passion merged in his surfing photography.

Jason Childs is an Australian based professional photographer for over 30 years. He is a photojournalist. “My signature style and talent is capturing the definitive moment, balanced with my knowledge of light, my images have the sense of the intimate, majestic and the bold. My success derives from my patient single-minded pursuit to capture the definitive moment.”

Jason’s lifelong fascination with the ocean has played an important part in keeping his photography in balance. Jason has has established himself as one of the most valued and prolifically published surf photographers in the sport.

Since 1985, his surfing and beach lifestyle photography has stood firmly among the best in the world and have graced the covers of every major surf and beach lifestyle magazine on the globe. Including the prestigious USA publication, Surfer Magazine, where, after decades of covers and features, he still serves as senior photographer.