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Pintor Sirait's Masterpiece at Amnaya

Dec 10 - 2017 |

Born in 1962 to a German mother and a Sumatran Batak father, Pintor grew up in Bandung then moved to the United States for studying psychology and sculpture. From there, he has retained an intense curiosity for deciphering the human psyche but decided to come back to Indonesia and express his passion through the creation of large-size installations and monumental sculptures out of stainless steel.
Pintor Sirait’s most celebrated signature works are life-size Formula 1 racecars engraved with messages and riddled with bullet holes, so we are particularly proud to have one of these masterpieces permanently exhibited in the lobby of our Amnaya Resort Kuta.

“Democracy”, one of his limited-edition car, is a mighty, thought-provoking artistic expression blending images of death and destruction with an ideal concept of justice and fraternity. Sirait has replaced advertisements seen on F1 bodies with cultural and political messages. A leading cigarette brand is renamed ‘Paranoia’ and ‘Smoking Kills’ becomes ‘Democracy kills since 508 BC’.

‘It was a fantastic opportunity to announce my visual vocabulary he said’. According to Pintor: ‘Democracy’ has always been an ideal for many nations but in recent years, it has become a tainted word, with people going to war and lives being lost to fight for equal rights. This ‘fight’ is powerfully portrayed by the 1,500 bullet holes shot around the car.

“The ‘Democracy’ F1 car critically observes the world we live in and pushes us to examine between what is good and bad”. (Larasati auctioneers).